Seal Coating Becomes Easier!

New Inexpensive Disposable Concrete Car Stop Masking Covers. Installs in Seconds, Saving Money & Greatly Improves Job Productivity and Quality.

  • Introducing Disposable Car Stop Covers for 3', 4', 6', 7' & 8' Car Stops.
  • Simply Slip Our Disposable Elastic Cover Over Car Stop, Spray & Throw Away.
  • Great Savings on Labor as Alternate to Remove and Replace.
  • Great Savings on Labor as Alternate to Seal by Hand Around Each Car Stop.
  • Increases Job Production.
  • Enhances Job Neatness.(Guaranteeing Job Satisfaction!)
  • Easy Clean Up - Just Throw Used Cover Away.
  • Eliminate Workers Compensation Claims.


Seal Coat Masking Bumper Block Cover

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